Alarm Test/Locate/Silence Switch

Smoke Alarms are designed to detect smoke particles in the air, however other airborne particles i.e. steam, cooking fumes, dust etc, can also cause a Smoke Alarm to activate.


With interconnected Smoke/Heat Alarms, when one alarm senses smoke/heat, all Alarms will sound.

The BAATLS controls the alarm in 2 consecutive steps:

  1. Identify the Alarm from which a fire signal originated using LOCATE switch
  2. Silence all Alarms using the SILENCE switch.

The TEST switch provides a remote testing function.

The BAATLS is designed to be used in conjunction with the EIB3000*, EIB140RC* and EIB160e* series alarms.

*Requires EIBPLATE for EIB3000, EIB140RC and EIB160e series.

The Brooks Test/Locate/Silence Switch has the following features:

  • Standard wall mount plate


Model Number: BAATLS
Carbon Monoxide:
Mains Powered:
Battery Back-up:
Battery Powered:
Low Battery Warning Alert:
Test/Reset Button:
Interconnect Capability:

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