Roof Space Detection & Protection

Although well maintained smoke alarms will certainly increase the chance of detecting smoke within the living areas of your home, they will do little to warn you of a fire starting in your roof space.

Due to the alarming increase in the number of roof space fires, suitable detection is recommended.

Fires can start in the roof space from risks such as:

  • Hot water pipes
  • Heater Flues
  • Insulation too close to exhaust fans, down lights
  • and transformers
  • Faulty wiring due to age or poor roof installation techniques

Residential smoke and heat alarms are NOT designed to withstand the extreme temperatures experienced throughout the year in a common household roof space. For this reason, BROOKS have developed a range of equipment specifically designed for such conditions.

The HS80 heat sensor has been developed with the residential conditions in mind. With the use of RF heat sensors interface EIB408RFH, they can be connected to your existing BROOKS smoke alarms to give you the earliest reliable warning of a fire, occurring in your roof space.

(2 x HS80 heat sensors - 1 x EIB408RFH - 2 x BAC0892 Cable)

Connect the Roof Kit with either:
The 140 Series alarms and the RF Base - EIB168RF
The TL Series alarms and the RF Base - EIB420RF
The 600 Series alarms with RadioLINK modules


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