Carbon Monoxide. The Silent Killer

  • Published on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 13:34

BROOKS have released a new range of Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms to add to their existing range of Smoke and Heat Alarms.  The 200 Series of battery powered CO alarms are available with a choice of replaceable batteries (AAA) or sealed lifelong lithium battery designed to last the life of the alarm.

These aesthetically pleasing designs are available in Standalone, RadioLINK (wireless) options and LCD Display options. All options are fitted with proven 6 year service sensors and all are certified and kitemarked to BS EN50291:2001.

The new 200 series will complement our existing mains powered and battery powered CO models.

The Brooks 200 series has several options available but all feature:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy installation with twist on base
  • Memory feature which allows the user to check if an alarm condition occurred in their absence
  • RadioLINK options support interconnected alarms and Remote Control  (EI208 Model only)
  • Large easy to use Test/Hush Button
  • LCD display options available

Why do we need CO Alarms?

Carbon Monoxide is released as a by-product of a combustion (burning) process. Any household appliance that burns natural gas, coal, oil, bottled gas, paraffin, wood, petrol, diesel or charcoal will produce some levels of CO. The level produced will vary depending on the type of fuel being burnt and the quality of the service and maintenance of the appliances.

  • Always fit a CO alarm in rooms with fuel burning appliances
  • Fitting at least 2 interconnected alarms will:
- Enhance early detection of CO
- Raise the alarm sound levels throughout the house
  • If there is only one appliance in the house consider fitting an additional alarm in the bedroom area.
  • CO alarms must always be fitted in conjunction with a standard smoke alarm they are not intended to be used as the sole detection device.

Optimum (Minimum +) Protection

  • Living rooms with high occupancy
  • Bedrooms above or adjacent to room with appliance
  • Rooms with chimney breasts passing through them, e.g. upstairs bedroom
  • Rooms with portable gas / oil heaters
  • Parking garages

LCD Display Options:

The LCD Display Models can provide or be used in the following way:

  • To provide a visual indication of the CO level present
  • Can be used as a portable device which can be moved around
  • Be able to provide landlords or rental property managers with the actual level of CO present when reporting an incident
  • The portability allows the unit to be moved between locations and can be used in mobile homes, caravans, boats etc.

Part No

Carbon Monoxide Alam












CO Alarm with Replaceable AAA Batteries   (2 required)

Ei 207 with LCD Display

CO Alarm, with lifetime (6 year) sealed Lithium Battery and RadioLINK upgrade option

Ei 208W with LCD Display and RadioLINK upgrade option

Ei 208W complete with RadioLINK module fitted

Ei 208W with LCD Display and RadioLINK module fitted

RadioLINK RF Module to suit Ei208W and Ei208DW

CO Alarm with Replaceable Batteries (3 x AAA)

CO Alarm 230 V Mains Powered Alarm with 10 Year Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup

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