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Carrington Aged Care Facility


carringtonCarrington Aged Care Facility is a new residential development for approximately 200 elderly people and it is located at Camden, in South Western Sydney.

As part of this development Carrington Aged Care Facility required a fire system to be installed to AS1670.

Installation of the Brooks fire system started on the 21st of December 2007 and it has just been completed. The length installation time has been due to the size and progressive construction of the aged care facility as shown in the picture above.

The products which made the project possible

The “Carrington Fire System” is built around the Brooks Firetracker series of Analogue Addressable panels which come in two versions, the Firetracker 512 and Firetracker 128. The Firetracker series can be cascaded together to provide large system capabilities and are fully networkable. The addition of a webserver can also provide remote access for remote monitoring, programming and diagnostics. The system as installed has approximately 500 analogue addressable devices connected, consisting of Thermal Detectors (type 3308), Photoelectric Smoke Detectors (type 4301), isolating bases (type 4313), manual call points (type 3333), and input output modules (type 3361). The system also has a total of 13 remote presentation units type 1728AU distributed throughout the facility to provide prewarning of fire and smoke/heat alarm presentation and point or zone alarm presentation as displayed at the main control and indicating equipment. The installed system also includes a 28 Zone EWIS system that will help enhance the early warning capabilities and provide further early warning for the occupants.

Success Results

Continued upgrades on the Fire System will be required and Brooks are proud to provide early warning protection to the occupants at Carrington Aged Care Facility.

As a local manufacturer and designer of quality systems, Brooks will provide after sales service and support to Carrington Aged Care Facility.

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