Multi-Sensor Residential Alarm

  • Published on Friday, 31 May 2013 11:14

Brooks EiB2110 multi-sensor fire alarm

Brooks EiB2110 multi-sensor fire alarm - key features:

  • A totally unique fire alarm that provides the ultimate in protection.
  • State of the art intelligent sensing
  • Reduced nuisance alarms
  • Increased longevity and robustness
  • Alarm memory feature
  • Replace alarm indication
  • Single person test

Major points:

  • Faster fire response - tested to all 7 fire tests
  • Nuisance - tolerates up to 50% higher levels of cooking fumes and steam
  • Longevity - tolerates up to 100% more contamination than a single sensor optical alarm
  • Approved to AS3786 for smoke alarms and meets requirements of AS1603.3 for heat alarms

Ionisation sensor:

  • Best for fast flaming fires - produces significant amounts of heat
  • Less effective for slow smouldering fires
  • Prone to nuisance alarm from kitchen
  • Radioactive source an environmental negative

Optical sensor:

  • Best for slow smouldering fires - produce little heat
  • Less effective for fast flaming fires
  • Prone to false alarm from dust contamination
  • Prone to false alarm from insect ingress spiders

Heat sensor:

  • Best for large flaming fires producing a lot of heat
  • Does not detect smoke
  • Suitable for kitchens, where smoke alarms may cause false alarms, or areas where a flaming fire may be expected 

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