Brooks Timeline

1959 C W Marchant Electric Pty Ltd was founded as electrical contractors to the air conditioning industry.
1969 Successful in winning the electrical contract for the Sydney Opera House, supplying the motor control switchboards for the air conditioning systems with Haden Engineering.
1971 Sydney Opera House contract expanded to include sprinkler and hydrant supply.
1974 A consortium led by Peter Brooks purchases Marchant Electric.
1976 Name changed to Brooks Marchant, the product range expanded to include General Industry motor control switchboards winning contracts with the Water Board, BHP, CIG.
1985 Acquired Panelect Manufacturing Pty Ltd, this added the “2010” approved panel to the range, the Panasonic detector franchise and a service and installation operation.
1991 Conventional Panel 199 is developed with a 3rd party.
1992 Conventional panel 128 is born.
1993 Appointed as the South Pacific distributor for EI Electronics for their range of smoke alarms.
1994 Launched both the 9V standalone and 9V interconnection smoke alarm range, launched the 12V DC smoke alarm for use with security systems.
  Pioneers the first range of 230V smoke alarms with rechargeable batteries on the Australian market.
1995 Business name changed to Brooks Australia Electrical Systems Pty Ltd.
  Launched fire alarms for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired market.
  Launched the first residential fire alarm panel (RFP), allowing for 1, 3 or 6 zones.
1996 Launch of Microfire, Brooks first “home grown” microprocessor based conventional fire panel.
1997 Launched the first 10-year non-removable lithium battery smoke alarm to the Australian market.
  Upgraded the M series to be 230V AC to a rechargeable lithium battery model.
  Launched our first 10-year non-removable photoelectric smoke alarm - EIB105TY.
  Launched the 230V Easi-Fit mains powered smoke alarm to suit the new homes market - EIB141I & EIB146P.
1999 Business name changed to Brooks Australia Pty Ltd.
2001 Began distribution of Edwards Systems Technologies (EST) addressable products.
  Developed the Alarm 2000 control panel specifically for use with the Department of Human Services (Victoria).
  Introduction of the EIPFS3105TYCH photoelectric smoke alarm with 10 yr Lithium battery technology.
2004 Upgraded the PTL to include a new “Hush” facility.
  Sold switchboard designs to CPE, bringing an era to a close.
2005 Launched the 180 Series; 12V DC with standby battery for the security industry.
  GE purchased EST, changing the distribution landscape globally.
  Renewed our exclusive distribution of Panasonic addressable Fire Systems products for Australia and NZ.
2006/7 Launched the FT512 panel after receiving CSIRO approval, followed by the FT128 single loop panel.
2008 Developed a range of compatible detection devices to suit the upgraded RFS1 residential system - EIB206P, EIB206I & EIB206T.
2009 Introduced the first 9V smoke alarm with replaceable battery with built in wireless interconnection - EIB3105RF.
  Introduced the RadioLINK wireless technology range of products.
2011 Launched the EIB605C & EIB605TYC replaceable and non-replaceable battery photoelectric smoke alarms.
2012 1020 device networkable addressable Fire Panel FTG3 launched.
2013 Introduced the first microprocessor multi-sensor smoke alarm to the Australian market - EIB2110.
2016 Introduced upgraded replacements for the TL Series with the EIB161/4 and EIB166E.
  Introduced the first microprocessor driven smoke alarm to the range - EIB650iC and EIB650iW.
2017 Latest iteration of G3 Panel (4 loop) launched with the ability to handle 1020 devices.
  Released the replacement for the EIB140 Series smoke alarms with new upgraded features.