Commercial Fire Systems

Brooks are a leading provider of fire panels and solutions to the Australian market and have been since 1973. Our systems are designed and manufactured locally to meet strict Australian Standards.

With today's buildings becoming more complex in both physical layout and functionality, the demands on the fire systems protecting them have never been greater and they must be adaptable to suit a wide range of building applications.

Brooks are a complete fire solutions provider for all industries and applications, and we are committed to working collaboratively with our customers to ensure the best outcomes for new installations and fire alarm infrastructure upgrades.

Completed Projects

Brooks offer a range of solutions to suit a variety of building types and sizes. We can assist in finding the right combination of equipment and ensure stringent requirements and standards are met.

Our projects showcase an assortment of applications and solutions using our leading range of fire panels and warning systems.


Brooks offer training on our extensive range of fire systems suited for testers, service technicians and installers depending on your requirements and expertise. We also offer an accredited smoke alarm installer course covering smoke alarm technology, legislation and more.

Contact Brooks to find the right solution for you.

Brooks are specialists in system design and commissioning and are able to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. Our panels can be customised to suit any project.

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