AudioLINK™ Data Extraction Technology

AudioLINK™ makes it easy to get real time data directly from smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, saving time, money and lives. All you need is an AudioLINK™ enabled alarm, a smartphone or tablet and the free AudioLINK™ app.

AudioLINK technology offers the following benefits:AudioLINK Data Extraction Technology

  • Extraction can be done on-site without having to remove the alarm – ensuring continued detection.
  • The simple to read report is generated straight away – giving details of any incidents immediately.
  • Data can be extracted for AudioLINK™ alarms again and again.
  • Information is stored for the life of the alarm enabling historic information to be retained.
  • The Alarm Status Report provides evidence required for maintenance records.
  • The report can be emailed to form part of a property’s record.

Alarm Status Report

The App generates a simple to read colour coded report giving information on a range of alarm data:

  • Alarm activations
  • Sensor status
  • Record of testing
  • Battery and back-up cell status
  • CO levels recorded – in CO alarms only
  • Background levels of CO – in CO alarms only

Report Storage and Sharing

All of this information can be emailed directly from the phone or tablet to one or multiple addresses, being sent as a pdf report for the property or exported as a .csv file for simple integration with housing management and maintenance systems.

Additional information can be added to the report to help link it to a specific alarm and to communicate important and helpful information.

  • Add the alarm serial number to the report using the built-in barcode scanner.
  • Multiple reports from a property can be grouped together in one report.
  • ‘Use previous address’ prompt to save time when entering address details.
  • Storage of email contacts within the app.
  • Indicate the current alarm status as either OK, Service or Replace.

Extract the Data in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Press the test button on the alarm 3 times
Step 2 – The alarm will emit a number of beeps. The phone/tablet will pick these up (via the microphone)
Step 3 – The AudioLINK™ App will generate and display the Alarm Status Report.

Extract the Data in 3 Easy Steps


The App also has a step by step guide once you open it on your device. How to get the App The free AudioLINK™ App can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Download on the Apple Store          Get it on Google Play


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