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Brooks 3000 Series House Coding

This video is a step by step guide to setting up a wireless interconnected Brooks alarm system with control, using the EiB 450 alarm controller. You will be guided through housecoding each alarm through to testing and commissioning the system.

Contents: Housecode

Step by Step 0:12

Enter House Code Mode 0:39

Exit House Code Mode 2:31

Test & Commission Alarm System 2:45

Replace Detectors

This Video tutorial explains the “Replace Detector” function with in EBLWin used for automatically setting addresses on replaced loop units

Check Loop

This Video tutorial explains the routine for running the “Check Loop” function. During this process the control unit will find all the units which are connected to the selected COM loop. The loop information is then compared with the SSD in the EBLWin with discrepancies highlighted. The “Check Loop” function is useful during system commissioning and to aid with trouble shooting.

Auto Address

This Video tutorial explains the routine for automatically setting addresses on a loop with units that have isolators.

Units without isolators may be connected if they already have an address in the upper address span, 129-248, set by the address setting tool. Alternatively, they could be connected later and be addressed automatically by a separate routine: ’Adding units without isolators’.


Where to install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Where to locate Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Which Rooms?

Ideally Carbon Monoxide Alarms should be installed in every room containing a fuel burning appliance. If it is not feasible to fit an Alarm in every room with an appliance, priority should be given to rooms with flueless or open flued appliances and rooms of high occupancy for example living rooms and bedrooms.

Brooks 9V Alarm Battery Replacement

This video describes how to remove a mains powered alarm from its mounting plate and replace the back-up battery if applicable. Only the EiB140 series are fitted with replacement batteries other Brooks alarms have 10 year sealed for life rechargeable batteries that are non-replaceable. The battery will be visible once removed from the mounting plate

Brooks 450 Wireless Alarm Controller

This video outlines the key features and installation process of the EiB450 wireless alarm controller . The EiB450 is compatible with battery powered and mains powered RF enabled Brooks alarms.


EiB450 Function 0:21

Powering on the EiB450 0:48

House Code Step by Step 1:00

Test & Commission Alarm System 2:11

Brooks Relays - Interfacing with other devices EiB428RF

Relays are switches that open and close circuits electromechanically or electronically. Relays control one electrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in another circuit. This video outlines the key features of the mains powered Ei428 wireless or wired interconnect relay. Wiring configuration examples for normally open (NC) applications such as additional sounders and strobes and normally closed (NC ) applications such as boiler shut down are covered in this video.



This video features AudioLINK the revolutionary alarm technology that allows for valuable real time data to be extracted directly from Brooks AudioLINK enabled alarms.

EBL Web Monitor

EBLWeb Monitor is a web-server based software package used for the remote control and monitoring of several EBL Systems via a Web-server 1598 with simple image map handling so the user can configure the system to suit their specific requirements.


Installing and connecting the EiB170RFAU Alarm accessory for the deaf and hearing-impaired to RF-enabled Brooks alarms.

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