FireTracker Occupant Warning Systems

Advanced warning is critical.

Ensure the right solution is in place before safety is compromised.


Brooks can provide a range of Occupant Warning Systems (OWS) capable of providing reliable audio and visual warnings to building occupants via speakers and strobes. The systems are designed to alert occupants to an emergency situation and evacuate the building should it be required. Systems can either be supplied as a standalone units, fitted within a Brooks FDCIE or kit form for installation within a third party fire panel.


  • Class D Audio amplifiers in either 20W, 60W, 120W or 240W power rating options
  • 100V Audio speaker line output
  • Speaker zone expansion capability (up to 16 zones; individually short/open circuit monitored)
  • Tones selectable between AS2220.1/NZS4512 or AS60849/ISO8201 
  • Digital voice messages (up to 65 seconds duration; stored in flash memory)
  • Trigger Input (short/open circuit monitored)
  • Dual Strobe Output (24Vdc; alert and evacuation strobes; open/short circuit monitored)
  • Fault Relay (NO and NC contacts)
  • Fault Buzzer Output (24Vdc)
  • Fault indicators for strobe output, trigger input and speaker line.
  • Microphone input (Electret or Dynamic selectable)
  • Auxiliary audio input (transformer isolated)
  • Power supply monitoring option
  • Remote Paging Console option via Serial communication (RS232 or RS485 selectable)


SPKSM200-15 200MM 100V 15w Surface Mount Speaker
Data Sheet
OWSKIT - Occupant Warning System Kits
Operator's Manual
PA - Remote Desktop Public Address Microphone 1, 8 or 16 Zones
Data Sheet
SPKFM100QF - 5W 100mm White Flush Mount Speaker
Data Sheet
SPKSM200-5 - 200mm 100V 5W Surface Mount Speaker
Data Sheet
SPKSM100QF - 5W 100mm White Surface Mount Speaker
Data Sheet
Data Sheet

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