For buildings not fitted with a full fire detection system Brooks supply air controllers provide standalone control of supply air fans to meet the requirements set out in AS1668.2.  In conjunction with a Brooks 6377 duct probe chamber and conventional 4452 smoke   detector the supply air controller provides a single alarm detection circuit which is continuously supervised for open & short circuit faults, normal and alarm conditions and reports the status accordingly. The alarm relay contact provides the interface to the mechanical services panel (HVAC) which in turn shuts down the supply air fan.


  • Available in 240 Volt and 24 Volt configurations
  • Supervised detector circuit
  • Output for remote indicator (RIL).
  • Facility for ALARM and FAULT TEST
  • Indicators for Power, Controller Status, Alarm and Fault
  • Alarm Output - relay change over contacts rated at 240Vac / 5A.
  • Fault Output - Relay Contact rated at 30V / 1A
  • Clear cover for viewing status indicators

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