Brooks Fire Systems - Introduction Design and Installation Overview

Firetracker FTG319 Introduction, Design & Installation

Introductory training for Brooks FireTracker FTG319 Addressable Fire Indicator Panels. Primarily suited for Installers & Service Technicians new to the Brooks range of Addressable Fire Indicator Panels and associated equipment or for those who want to broaden their knowledge and capacity in working with the system.



FTG319 Introduction, Design & Installation course guides participants through the FTG319 Panel Design, Front Panel Controls, Hardware Configurations and compatible field devices.  The session provides a sound base prior to progressing to the panel programming modules.



  • 2 - 2.5 Hours 


On completion of the training, the trainee will be proficient in:

  • Identification of the FTG319
  • Understanding FTG3 Components
  • Understanding FTG3 Controls
  • Identification and installation of expansion boards
  • Identification and Installation guidelines of Panasonic Addressable Devices


  • Understanding of fire systems
  • Basic computer literacy


The course is normally delivered face to face as a group with instructional presentation, practical demonstration and interaction. While practical interaction is important, with possible disruptions to social gatherings as an interim solution we can offer the option to complete the training via online learning.