Brooks Fire Systems - Introduction Testing & Maintenance Overview

Firetracker FTG319 Introduction Testing & Maintenance

Introductory training for Brooks FireTracker FTG319 Addressable Panels. Primarily suited for Testers and Service Technicians, but Installers will also find this most useful as the course provides an understanding of Panel Functionality, Fault Finding, and Monthly/Annual Testing.


FTG319 Basic Operation, Testing & Maintenance is for those new to the Brooks FireTracker Addressable Panels, or for those who are regularly performing the required Standards Maintenance and/or Defect and Alarm Response. All Installers, Testers, and Service Technicians will find this most useful as the course covers all aspects of Panel Functionality and Basic Fault-Finding.



On completion of the training, the trainee will be proficient in:

  • Identification of the FTG319
  • Clarification of the path to Australian Standards
  • Operation of the FTG319 controls and keypad
  • Demonstration of detector settings and their use in minimising false alarms
  • Utilisation of the access levels and navigation of all menus
  • Fulfilling the maintenance requirements of the Standards
  • Reading and comprehending the FTG319 fault messages


  • Understanding of fire systems


The course is normally delivered face to face as a group with instructional presentation, practical demonstration and interaction. While practical interaction is important, with possible disruptions to social gatherings as an interim solution we can offer the option to complete the training via online learning.