How do I test my smoke alarm?

Performing a regular test is a vital part of ensuring continued fire and carbon monoxide detection. Alarms should be tested weekly to ensure everything is working correctly.

In the centre of the smoke alarm, there is a clearly marked test button.  Gently push the test button and hold for approximately 10 seconds.  The smoke alarm will sound, release the test button and the smoke alarm will continue to sound for a few seconds and then stop. If you cannot reach the smoke alarms from ground level, the Brooks smoke alarm is designed to be easily pressed with a broom handle or similar. This is safer than climbing up on a chair to test the alarm.

If you have other alarms in the property, they should be linked together. This means that if one alarm sounds, it will send a signal to trigger the other alarms in the property – so you can hear them sound in the background. Finally, repeat the steps on all other alarms in the property.