How do I change an alarm battery

There are two different types of batteries used as battery back-ups in the Brooks mains powered alarms. The batteries could be the sealed in Lithium batteries that last the 10-year life of the alarms or the replaceable type 9-volt alkaline battery as its back-up power supply. We also have primary battery powered smoke alarms which are either sealed, non-replaceable, non-rechargeable 10-year lithium batteries or the 9-volt alkaline replaceable type battery. The 9-volt alkaline battery will need changing across the life span of the alarm. Typically, this should be undertaken annually.

The rechargeable back-up Lithium batteries are non-replaceable as required by the Australian design standard. These batteries should last the lifetime of the smoke alarm (10-years).

It is not unusual for a Lithium battery back-up smoke alarm to “beep or chirp” for a few hours after the alarm has been powered down for a considerable time (and run the back-up battery flat). As soon as the rechargeable batteries reach a minimum charge level, the beeping or chirping will stop.

As for the replaceable Alkaline type battery back-up models, you will know when you need to change the battery, as you will hear a single regular beep (low battery warning) coming from the alarm, however it is recommended that you change the battery every year before this occurs (especially if you do not want to be woken in the early hours of the morning to change a battery!).

How to change the battery:

  • Turn off the mains power to the alarm (for mains powered alarms). The green light on the alarm will go out
  • Insert a flat headed screwdriver into the removal slot of the alarm. This is marked with an arrow. Make sure you keep the screwdriver horizontal (i.e. parallel to the ceiling)
  • Slide the alarm off its base and you will be able to see the 9-volt battery in the back
  • Replace the battery in the back of the alarm with one of the following recommended 9-volt alkaline batteries:
    • Duracell MN1604,
    • Energizer 6LR61,
    • Philips 6LR61,
    • Varta 6LR61 or
    • Ultralife U9VL-J Lithium
  • Take care with the battery clip and wires as damage to these will result in constant beeps, meaning that the unit will need to be replaced
  • Slide the alarm back on its base
  • Turn the power back on. The green light on the alarm will come back on
  • Finally test the alarm to ensure the unit is working correctly

Please note that the alarm head will not be able to be refitted to the base without a battery being fitted. This is an Australian design requirement to prevent alarms from being refitted to bases without back-up batteries.