Do you have an escape plan?

You and your loved ones are your most valuable possession. That’s why it’s important to create a fire escape plan for your home.

Have you thought about how you would escape your home in the event of a fire? Are there two exits to every room in the house, either by door or window?

Draw out a plan of your house and indicate the exits from each room. Highlight the nearest exit for each room and choose a safe outside meeting place, ie. near the letterbox.

Ensure that windows and flyscreens can open freely and that children are able to open each exit. Provide alternatives for anyone with a disability or the elderly.

In the event of a fire, check room doors for heat or smoke. Do not open a hot door. Use an alternate escape route. Close doors behind you as you leave. If smoke is heavy, crawl out, staying close to the floor. Take short breaths, if possible, through a wet cloth or hold your breath. More people die from smoke inhalation than from flames.

Get out as fast as you can, do not stop for packing. Meet at the prearranged meeting place outside and check everybody is there.

Once you are out of the building, stay out. Never enter a burning building.

Some important house-keeping steps to minimise the chance of a fire occurring: 

  • Clear your home of clutter. Too often we hear of fires spreading quickly because of papers and furniture which give fuel to the fire.
  • Ensure gutters are clear of leaves and debris.
  • Do not overload electrical circuits with adaptors. Overheated wiring causes fires.
  • Kitchen appliances should be kept clean to avoid build-up of cooking grease.
  • Ensure electrical appliances are kept in good condition. Any frayed or damaged cords should be immediately repaired by a licensed electrician. 
  • Oil, gas or wood heating units may require a yearly maintenance check.
  • Avoid using extension cords for air conditioning units.
  • Practice your escape plan.

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