Non-compliant devices connected to Brooks alarms

The interconnection feature available with both battery operated and mains powered Brooks alarms, is specifically designed and tested to be used with other compatible and approved Brooks alarms or interface devices. The connection of any non-approved device to any Brooks Alarm via the interconnection facility renders the Alarm as a non-approved device as per AS3786 or AS1603.3:2018.

Brooks do not condone the connection of any non-approved device to a Brooks alarm via the interconnection facility or any other means and under no circumstances should this practise be adopted.

The conformity and warranty of Brooks Alarms will be revoked for the following reasons:

  • Any external equipment connected to the interconnect terminal must be tested as per AS3786 to ensure no impact on the interconnection of the maximum number of interconnected Smoke Alarms.
  • Connecting the Interconnect and Neutral of a Smoke Alarm to external equipment results in the connected equipment being mains powered devices.
  • Smoke Alarms must comply with the safety requirements in the Australian standard AS/NZS 60065 and AS/NZS 60950 as required by AS3786 therefore, external equipment connected to the Smoke Alarms must meet the same electrical safety requirements.
  • Smoke Alarms must be tested to the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard EN50130-4, external equipment connected to the Smoke Alarms must meet the same requirements.

Based on the above, Brooks will not be liable for any consequential damage or fatal injury due to connecting non-approved external devices or third-party equipment to any of the Brooks Smoke or Heat Alarms.


Technical Bulletin - Non-Compliant Devices Connected to Brooks Alarms




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