The New 3000 Series Full Circle Protection

Intelligent Simplicity

The new 3000 Series provides whole property coverage from one series. This technologically advanced series detects both Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO), ensuring your whole property is protected.

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House Plan


The 3000 Series is our most intelligent series yet, whilst maintaining the simplicity our customers value.




Simplicity for every install

Specify a whole property from one series
Quick and reliable interconnection
Easi-fit bases; one base fits all
Backwards compatibility




Intelligence in every alarm





The alarm contains our tried and tested thermistor heat sensor and our proven electrochemical CO sensor, providing protection from both Fire and CO.


Benefits of the EIB3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & Co Alarm


  • Install one alarm instead of two for combined Fire & CO coverage
  • Contains two proven, reliable sensors
  • Flashing Fire and CO indicators
  • Easy install - simply slide the new alarm onto an existing easi-fit base
  • Compatible with SmartLINK Wireless Interconnection using our award-winning RF technology for simply system set up, house-coding and system expansion
  • Real time local data extraction using AudioLINK or whole system remote data monitoring and extraction with SmartLINK
  • Fully backwards compatible with existing Brooks systems



Benefits of the 3000 Series

  • Real time local data extraction using RadioLINK
  • SmartLINK capability for wireless interconnection, data extraction and whole system monitorings
  • Mains powered with a 10-year rechargeable Lithium battery back-up
  • All alarms in the series fit on easi-fit base
  • 3rd party BSI accredited
  • Made in Ireland

SmartLINK logo

The next generation of Radio Frequency Wireless Interconnection and data monitoring

With the introduction of the 3000 Series we have also advanced our award-winning Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Interconnection and Data Monitoring technology. We’ve made it smarter, easier and future-proof. We’ve taken our renowned RadioLINK+ technology and added a new range of functions and features.

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Real time facts… Real time action

The entire 3000 Series contains AudioLINK technology, which allows you to extract real time data from the Alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via a free App.

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Dust compensation diagram







Dust Compensation

Responsive Safety

Brooks’ Dust Compensation mechanism ensures best performance and best value.

Automatic recalibration

The alarm automatically recalibrates the alarm trigger point to compensate for dust, retaining a constant threshold between the dust level and the amount of smoke needed to trigger the alarm.

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Easi-fit base

All alarms in the 3000 Series maintain our renowned easi-fit base. This includes the EIB3018 CO alarm, our first every CO alarm on an Easi-fit base which means you can now install an entire property from one series on the same base.

We've got your safety covered

Brooks is a family owned and operated Australian company who commenced operations in 1973. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and are committed to providing quality, reliable products to safeguard you and your family.