Where should I place Carbon Monoxide alarms?

Ideally a Carbon Monoxide alarm should be installed in:

  • Every room containing a fuel burning appliance
  • Remote rooms where occupants spend a considerable amount of time
  • Every bedroom

However if the number of Carbon Monoxide Alarms to be fitted is limited, the following points should be considered when deciding where to best fit the alarm(s):

  • If there is an appliance in a room where people sleep, place a CO Alarm in this room.
  • Locate a CO alarm in a room containing a flueless or open-flued appliance.
  • Locate a CO alarm in a room where the occupant(s) spend most of their time (e.g. lounge room).
  • In a studio apartment, the CO alarm should be placed as far away from the cooking appliance as possible, but near to where the person sleeps.
  • If the appliance is in a room not normally used, the CO alarm should be placed just outside the room so that the alarm will be heard more easily.