Heat & Carbon Monoxide 230 Volt Alarm

The EIB3028 is a Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 230V AC mains power supply with a non removable rechargeable lithium battery back-up.


The EIB3028 is a dual Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm. It contains a proven electrochemical CO sensor to detect the presence of toxic levels of CO as well as an independent fast acting Class A1 Thermistor sensor to detect dangerous levels of heat, hence eliminating the need for installing 2 products in areas where both types of detection will be required.

The EIB3028 is powered by 230V AC mains. In the event of mains failure, the rechargeable 10-year built-in non-removable lithium battery will provide up to 3 months power supply in the case of a wireless RF installation or up to 6 months in any other case.

The AudioLINK feature facilitates acoustic download of the alarm parameters and status using the AudioLINK app.

The EIB3028 can be interconnected via hardwire or wirelessly (though the EIB3000MRF module) enabling it to communicate with compatible Brooks alarms and accessories. Up to 12 devices can be interconnected.

During an alarm, "Fire" or "CO" will flash on the alarm to indicate what has been detected. The flash rate of the red LED is dependent on the type of detection and in case of CO, on the level detected.

The EIB3028 self-checks its sensors, battery voltage and internal circuitry every 48 seconds. Any fault condition found will be indicated by a combination of yellow LED flashes and sound beeps.

The memory feature allows an alarm that has previously activated to be easily identified (through the red flashing LED).

The Brooks Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm has the following features:

  • Contains a Heat and CO sensor with 10-year life
  • SmartLINK compatible
  • AudioLINK data download
  • Hardwire interconnect
  • Optional wireless interconnect (with EIB3000MRF module)
  • Easy to use large Test/Silence button
  • Memory function
  • Easi-fit base
  • Energy efficient and low power consumption
  • Conforms to AS1603.3:2018
  • 5-year guarantee
Model Number: EIB3028
Carbon Monoxide:
Mains Powered:
Battery Back-up: 10-year rechargeable non-removable lithium
Battery Powered:
Low Battery Warning Alert:
Test/Reset Button:
Interconnect Capability: Hardwire interconnection or wireless interconnection (using the EIB3000MRF module)
Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
Approvals: AS1603.3:2018

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